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A journey made to and from a place within one day.

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In the Thane district of Maharashtra lies a virgin escape resort called Jawahar. Far from the maddening crowd, Jawahar is situated on a plateau amidst rift valleys and is one of the lesser known hill station retreats. Rich in scenic beauty with striking green forests and a pleasant climate, Jawahar is the ultimate destination for a relaxing weekend or a one day trip. At an altitude of 518 meters the temperature in Jawahar stays between 25°C to 30° C. The road to Jawahar has wonderful curves and a smooth surface hence a drive a pleasant drive. 3 Things to do in Jawahar: Visit the Jai Vilas Palace - also known as the Jawahar King Palace, it is the most popular historic sightseeing destination here. It previously served as residence for king Yashwantrao Mukhane who was the former king of the Warli tribe. The palace was built and furnished in 1940 and is still very well maintained . It attracts many prosperous bidders to take possession and contrary to the rumors it’s not for sale! The old ruined wooden palace is worth a visit, as is the new - more for the extensive and widespread cashew orchards which stretch over 50 acres. The care-taker will take you around the palace and tell you stories from the yester years along with a brief description of each and every room. Its most attractive feature is its domes while its surroundings comprise of lush green forests. The interiors of this palace display the culture and lifestyle of tribal kings of Munke family. The palace is noted for its antiquity and unique architectural style. The grounds in front of the palace offer good views, and are great bird watching and butterfly chasing sites, being full of lantana shrubs. Just post the monsoons, fields surrounding Jawhar are full of pretty yellow Kurashini daisies, which is a magical and beautiful sight. Visit the Warli tribe–Along the roads in Jawahar one can spot Warli villages where the outside walls of the houses are painted with typical Warli figures. The Warli art dates back to the 10th century and is now a dying art. Walvanda is a Warli village, situated between Vikramgad and Jawhar in Maharashtra. The locals are traditionally Warli’s, who live a simple life. Most of them are farmers and hunters. The Warli paintings use minimal materials and simple shapes yet express their thoughts elegantly. The lifestyle of the Warli’s is simple and connected to nature. They believe nature will provide them with everything when they need it. The mindset to hoard and save for the future is not prevalent. If you’re lucky and have arrived in time for a celebration or festival you can par-take in the ‘tarpa’ tribal dance. The tarpa dance is performed during the harvest season. Tarpa is a wind musical instrument made from bamboo, a hollow bottle gourd and palm leaves. It is usually played whilst the tribe dances around a bonfire and though it seems simple at first, but it picks up its pace and tempo: the complexity begins followed by the fun of it. [Click here for pictures] Take a dip in the dam at Shiroshi - Surround yourself in nature as you gaze over lush, green hills and experience freshness while swimming in the soothing waters at Shiroshi. The dam is an infinite swimming pool by itself. It’s featured with beautiful scenery on every side and serves as a perfect monsoon getaway. Shiroshi offers a cool calm location to have relaxing moments away from the city of Mumbai. The lake is placed aptly in a scenic location with lush greenery of trees and fields on either side and offers a breathtaking experience. There are many adventurous and undulated hills in the vicinity. These hills are a great place to trek and amply satiate the desire of an adventure lover to explore the area. [Click here for pictures] A trip to the Jawahar King Palace, the Warli villages and the Shiroshi dam can be planned by an organization called Grassroutes who conduct and run rural and tribal tourism as a community managed project. By Air: Nearest airport from Jawahar is Nashik at about 80-km. By Rail: Nearest railway station from this place is Igatpuri 61-km on Central Railway but Nashik is a convenient railway station. On Western Railway nearest railway station for Jawahar is Dahanu 65-km. By Road: From Mumbai Jawahar is 180-km away by road; from Nashik 80-km from Kasa 39-km, and from Trimbakeshwar 56-km. Regular bus services are available from Mumbai, Thane, Dahanu and Nashik